A Loud Bark to Save our Parks

With just two days to go until Save a Space for Me closes, retired greyhounds have come out in force to support protection of local green spaces. image greyhounds in a park

Retired greyhounds are barking loudly in support of a programme led by the Duke of Cambridge to safeguard parks, playing fields and open spaces across the UK.

The Retired Greyhound Trust has joined the campaign to save green spaces for the 4,000 dogs across the country who are homed every year and need places to enjoy walks with their new families.

The British public have just two days left to vote for the parks, playing fields and open spaces in their communities that should be safeguarded for future generations to enjoy at www.qefields.com.

The programme marks HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubliee next year when celebrations will be held in parks and on playing fields across the country.

Retired Greyhound Trust Chief Executive Peter Laurie said: “We work really hard to find homes for greyhounds at the end of their racing careers and it is crucial they have somewhere to exercise with their new families.

We have 72 branches across the country and hundreds of volunteers who look after our greyhounds until homes can be found for them. They need green spaces to walk our dogs every day.

Parks and green spaces are also meeting places for dog owners - the catalyst for long-lasting friendships and where people have the chance to exercise together with their dogs. It is great that dog owners and their pets can benefit from this programme and we would urge everyone to get involved.

Alison Moore-Gwyn, Chief Executive of the Fields in Trust charity which is running the scheme, said: “It is great to have the support of the Retired Greyhound Trust. For many years we have been working to protect open spaces, many of which may be the only green space where dog owners can walk with their pets.

“By supporting the campaign online or encouraging their local authority to protect important open community spaces, everyone can get involved in creating this great tribute to the Diamond Jubilee
To cast your vote and for more information go to www.qe2fields.com. For further information about the Retired Greyhound Trust go to www.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk.


For further media information, photographs or interviews please contact:
Helen Barklam in the Retired Greyhound Trust communications team, tel: 01772 785392 or 07917 148900.

Notes to editors

The charity has housed more than 50,000 dogs since it was set up in 1975. Around 9,000 greyhounds retire from racing each year.

The Retired Greyhound Trust has 72 branches across the country made up of volunteers who are dedicated to finding homes for the dogs in their areas. Many have websites, showing pictures of the dogs that need homes.


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