Eastern regions lead the field in protecting outdoor space

The Eastern counties of Cambridgeshire, Essex and Norfolk are the top three counties across the United Kingdom when it comes to protecting their space where people can get out for recreation.

Together they have made sure 1682 acres of outdoor space have been protected for future generations to enjoy. That is the equivalent of 934 football fields, which if laid end to end would stretch from Cambridge nearly back to London.  The sites in these counties range from clifftop gardens in Hunstanton, a newly opened Nature reserve in Bobbingworth, and a village green in Earith. 

With the Duke of Cambridge’s patronage, and the support of principal partners Asda, the Queen Elizabeth II Challenge is a living legacy programme to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It aims to protect 2,012 open play spaces across the UK, giving local communities the chance to engage with these two historic events. Landowners across the country are encouraged to play their part in preserving outdoor space by Fields in Trust.  And this summer, communities can celebrate their QEII Field by Having a Field Day – a day of fun and activity, with the support of a free goodie box and toolkit from Fields in Trust, to help them run it.   

   “We are delighted at the number of sites landowners across Cambridgeshire, Essex and Norfolk have put forward for protection as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.  By celebrating the Diamond Jubilee in this way, by safeguarding their outdoor spaces, the councils in these counties have shown how much they value the quality of life of everyone in their community both now and in the future. I do hope that we will see other counties wanting to follow this wonderful example” Alison Moore-Gwyn, Chief Executive of Fields in Trust said.

“The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge is a great way for us to show our communities that we value outdoor space and ensuring it is preserved for their future enjoyment. We wanted to help involve people with the events of 2012, and the Fields in Trust scheme has given us that opportunity. I would encourage all landowners to consider this for their spaces,” said Philip Peacock, Community Facilities Manager at Cambridgeshire ACRE.


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