Guardian letter response

Fields in Trust response to the brief letter published in The Guardian Weds 6 June, from Open Spaces Society.

Kate Ashbrook’s response to Tuesday’s article (Royal boroughs snub plan to protect 2,012 open spaces, 5 June) suggests that town and village green legislation is superior to other forms of protecting recreational land such as the consensual arrangements and charity registrations used by Fields in Trust. 
We strongly believe that there is a whole spectrum of ways to ensure that our outdoor spaces are safeguarded for the future including land law, restrictive covenants, the planning system, deeds of dedication and, of course, town and village green legislation.
Fields in Trust advocate methods of safeguarding that allow improvements of recreational facilities such as playgrounds and pitches to be developed on space which, in turn, increase participation in sport and play. Green registrations frequently block such improvements.
All methods of land protection have their own merits depending on the case in question and, as the 1300 sites that have signed up to Queen Elizabeth II Fields evidence,  Fields in Trust protection is often deemed the most suitable.

Alison Moore-Gwyn
Chief Executive, Fields in Trust


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