Case study - Clear Crescent - Cambridgeshire

“The clear Crescent Play Area in Melbourn hadn’t had many updates since the 1950’s. The play areas were all old and falling apart. All of which were beyond repair.”
Melbourne Parish Council

The Clear Crescent play area became a Fields in Trust protected field on September 3, 2012. Since that time they have seen remarkable changes occur. The field itself desperately needed remodelling and updating. Once it was officially a protected field, the Melbourn Council was able to receive £10,000 from Fields in Trust and an incredible £25,000 from our partners SITA Trust. All of this money was then used to modernize and improve their park. This included a new children’s play area, picnic tables, fresh grass, slides and a number of other things!

Clear Crescent Clear Crescent

What better way to open a brand new park than to Have a Field Day?
Over 500 people showed up to take part in the festivities! The children loved the new play equipment and there was a remarkable sense of pride from the community because of the new park.

Since the parks grand opening, there has been many more people, especially children, who are visiting the park. This new play area has now given the people of Melbourne a safe and modern area to play and enjoy the outdoors.

Clear Crescent Clear Crescent

“It is so crucial that our green spaces are now protected in perpetuity. Thanks to Fields in Trust we were able to receive the funding we needed in order to provide our community with a safe place to play”
Melbourne Parish Council


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